Part 1 – Selection Results

So the results have been released and I have been given a raw score and a band number. The raw score is a standardised score which averages out the multiple choice quiz and the interview. The band number is a number given to the percentage of candidates you fall into. Band 1 being top 0-10%, band 2 being top 10-20% and so on. Those who have the highest score will essentially get their first preference and it will go down from there.

I initially wasn’t sure what to think when I got my results but at this stage I fall into the candidates that would be offered a place for next year. Over the coming week we have the opportunity to change preferences and then late next week we will receive offers from the regional training providers as to whether we are in or not.

After getting my score I guess I’m relieved but at the same time it’s not over until the offers are made. For this reason we shall wait and see what happens and I shall post the outcomes of this next step soon.

It looks like we may have a blog worth writing after all :).