A fortnight of stories

I’ve officially completed 2 weeks and I must say I absolutely love it! At the end of each day I felt like I had achieved something. There was purpose and meaning behind every decision I made and I felt like I was completely autonomous. I had help when I needed it but ultimately I was given the challenge of deciding if what I was doing would help this person or not. That’s a great feeling to have. Over the 2 weeks I have also been able to see patients come back to see me.

I must admit there are some days where I just wasn’t sure and I would call them up a few days later and see how they were doing. Sometimes I was happy to hear things were improving but other times I felt glad calling the patients because I could give them some more advice about the situation.

What have I learnt? What interesting cases have I seen. Here are just a few…

1. The use of duromine in a patient needing weight loss assistance who was completely motivated and had tried everything else. She was seen a week later and well she felt amazing.

2. The peri-menopausal lady with palpitations. A little scary when I had no idea if she was in AF or not but reassured with a Holter monitor and her improvement in symptoms with some simple day to day advice.

3. The girl with a cold sore where I just didn’t know if I should treat it or not. I just didn’t know if she’d be better or not by the weekend when she’d be taking photos for a wedding.

4. The pregnant lady and what to tell her regarding starting a new pregnancy and everything she will have in front of her.

5. The guy with a fractured hand with minimal swelling… and the kid with no fracture and a huge swelling.

6. The bipolar patient and managing their symptoms when they come in with a Manic episode having not taken their Paroxetine and Sodium Valproate for a few weeks.

7. The guy with a wart on his toe and the many options we can offer! Cryotherapy was quite fun!

8. The guy with a huge cutting to his forehead needing stitches.

9. The women who comes in after her husband was in an affair asking for help! First patient of the day but boy was I unprepared for such an encounter.

10. The red eye!! Trying to exclude all the fancy pancy things it could be.

As you can see these are just a small subset of patients I was able to see during my first two weeks. I love the variety and the uncertainty of being presented with a patient who just happens to be there in front of you asking for your advice. I can’t wait to collect a wealth of experience so when those patients come in I just get a feeling that something is right or wrong. At the moment I’m always double checking and always asking questions but that’s all I can do. I owe a lot to my patients and endeavour to do everything I can to offer the best care I can.

Until next time… It has been a fun couple of weeks.

P/s: I’m more than happy for anyone to just tell me their experiences with any of the above or stories they wanted to share on this page. I don’t mind it being used as a forum for discussion but I also feel it’ll be a nice page for me to see my transition through the program and see how well I mature as a person and a GP.


The First Day

It was like I was starting my first day of school. I had my notebook in my hand, a pen and a keen mind to absorb everything that was said and told.

I have to admit I was quite nervous. As soon as my day started I was presented with a range of geriatric presentations which took up most of the morning. Having come from a predominantly paediatric background, this was a bit daunting. The main things I saw were dizziness/vertigo, infant rashes, mental health care plans, a few fractures and a few pains. I was surprised that I didn’t see any hypertension or diabetes whatsoever. This was just my first day but I expected to at least someone with those fundamental conditions. I was also suprised to see noone with a cough or cold! I was happy with how the day progressed but unfortunately Medical Director (the computer program we use) will take some getting used to. Apparently we can set up templates and things to make it easier.

It was a great first day at school 🙂


“Everyone is born with music, but they may never discover what their music might be. There can be no greater tragedy in life, than for people to take their music to the grave” ~ Anonymous