The First Day

It was like I was starting my first day of school. I had my notebook in my hand, a pen and a keen mind to absorb everything that was said and told.

I have to admit I was quite nervous. As soon as my day started I was presented with a range of geriatric presentations which took up most of the morning. Having come from a predominantly paediatric background, this was a bit daunting. The main things I saw were dizziness/vertigo, infant rashes, mental health care plans, a few fractures and a few pains. I was surprised that I didn’t see any hypertension or diabetes whatsoever. This was just my first day but I expected to at least someone with those fundamental conditions. I was also suprised to see noone with a cough or cold! I was happy with how the day progressed but unfortunately Medical Director (the computer program we use) will take some getting used to. Apparently we can set up templates and things to make it easier.

It was a great first day at school 🙂


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