So today I was faced with an unusual situation. I was due to see my next patient and went out into the waiting room to call her. It wasn’t long after 5pm so the waiting room was pretty empty. When I called her name she stood up and walked towards me and continued walking beside me for a few steps. I introduced myself and then she blurted “sorry I thought I was seeing a female doctor… you know because of my lady problems. I specifically asked reception for a lady doctor”. I stopped, turned around and walked towards reception. I acknowledged the request but was puzzled. Could I not handle this situation? Why did she wait until half way down the corridor to tell me she wanted a female doctor? I honestly don’t know. Anyway, I asked reception about the mix up and they said they’d sort it out.

I felt a little awkward. I know it’s not me but sometimes it makes you wonder what it means to be equal. Why is it that I somehow can’t handle a situation that I have been trained to tackle.

Just something different today.


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