Meningococcal B vaccinations

How many of you guys have prescribed the meningococcal B vaccination? It’s called Bexsero.

I had a mother come in asking for it. I didn’t know much about it but luckily I had some brochures handy and articles that I could present to her.

Here are some key points:

  • 200 – 250 cases of meningococcal occur each year. The majority of these cases are due to meningococcal B. Meningococcal C has declined since the 2003 immunisation schedule.
  • The immunisation covers 76% of strains of Meningococcal B in Australia
  • There is a cost involved (approximately $137)
  • You are required to take either 2 or 3 doses and a booster shot is also offered
  • A common side effect is post-vaccination fever

Let me know if there was anything else you’ve heard out there which also needs to be discussed with parents.

More information can be found at:$File/ATAGI-advice-bexsero.pdf


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